Small, underweight, and then pecked on. :-(

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    Mar 2, 2016
    I bought our first chicks from a feed store about 6 months ago. I do not know the breed, I wish I did. 3 of the 4 turned out to be roosters. And one by one I re-homed them. This is our last girl. She is very small, and had some damaged feathers from the roosters, which I didn't know was the cause at the time. I then purchased 2 hens to replace our flock, they got along fine for days and then out of nowhere attacked our little girl. :-( her feathers are returning slowly, but I want her to get to a proper weight before trying to re-introduce them. What can I feed her? What can I do? She is so sweet and socialized where as the other two which are laying for us are SO scared of everything because they wernt handled much. I'm so discouraged. I wanted a happy healthy flock. [​IMG]

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    Aww! She looks a lot like my little frizzle!

    I don't know a ton, but I've dealt with some serious bullying with feather loss. Weight is probably stress related, so I'd just keep feeding her pellets along with lots of treats. Keep her separated from the other two, they've decided to band together against her. From there, a couple suggestions:

    Supervised visitation.
    With this, don't bring her to where they're comfortable. Bring them to her. They will be out of their comfort zone ad less likely to feel territorial.

    Get her a friend.
    Once she bonds with another chicken, you can reintroduce her with a buddy so someone has her back.

    Keep her separate but within eye sight of the others.
    I have a fenced pen specifically for this. The other hens see that's guess what? You're not the only ones who live here! When they see her everyday, but can't reach her to bulky, eventually you should be able to reintroduce her and they'll already know who she is.

    Just a few thoughts!

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