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Jun 2, 2009
Saturday one of my hens laid an egg about the size of a cadburys creme egg (normally her eggs are huge) but we didn't think anything of it just had a good laugh and my dad had it for breakfast this morning. Then when I did my 3rd egg check of the day today I found a tiny tiny egg about the size of a cadburys mini egg just laying in the middle of the floor I can only assume it has came from same hen!

Is this just a one off that we can have a laugh about or is there something more serious going on??? Please help
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Shes about a year and a bit old. Mb shes coming into moult earli? Or its the heat? I am just worried that she might be having a problem inside. If so I would rather catch it sooner rather than later ...
Perhaps there has been a change in her feed? Might be the breed? How old is the feed ,is it fresh? Where is it kept.? Maybe old or spoiled due to heat? Any stress in the coop? Changes lately? Feeding to much scratch or treats? Low vitamins? Now you must let us know what you find out.
Not to worry. They are fart eggs.

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Her diet has changed as I have only had her 2 weeks and all the feed is fresh as it arrived at the same time. She has been moved twice since then but has been in her permanent coop for a week now and been laying normal sized eggs. The egg is act a very similar size to the ones in the pictures. All my eggs today were normal sized however I just found today I have at least one egg eater in my flock so mb I didn't get there in time ... ?
Oh well will put another post if it continues.

Thank u very much xx

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