Smashed Egg, Smashed Dreams....

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    Feb 28, 2012
    So this is the story of the other night. My sister and I, went out to put the goats in for the night. I go to check for eggs and there, in the nesting box, is a small egg. I had seen one of our younger hens that we got back in April sitting in the box earlier! Yes! It was our first egg from our spring chicks! I give the egg to my sister & we are all happy. So my sister holds the door closed for my while I let the goats in. But they desided to be a pain in the but & not come in. So I put open the door and say "Bridge get me some ha-" and I see her face, "What? Whats wrong!?". She was looking at the ground about 3 ft away with her mouth wide open. She looked at me laughing and said "LIVV! When you pushed open the door I dropped the egg & it went flying!!". I look, and sure enough, there is the egg oozing goo. Turns our for some dumb reason she was holding the egg on the door knob! Yeah when it comes to the farm my sister is clueless. So I just wanted to have a little rant, so.......yup!

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