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  1. Woodsy

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    Sep 22, 2010
    I am hatching eggs in my finished basement and because of the cold weather, must brood them in the basement for a few weeks. However, the smell is starting to annoy my wife. I change the shavings every 2 days. Any tricks? Someone mentioned a dry powder, maybe air purifier? Is it the amonia and dampness making the smell? What do I do?

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    Just tell your wife to stay out of the basement for a few weeks. [​IMG]

    Use pine shavings. Change them frequently. Make sure the feeders and waterers stay clean. Make sure the shavings don't get wet.

    Chicks in a brooder get progressively stinkier and messier. I usually can tolerate about 4 weeks before mine have to move out. It also depends on how many are in your brooder. More chicks equals more stink. They also get dusty as they start to feather out. Seriously, it might just be easier to put them someplace your wife doesn't go.
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    Jun 7, 2010
    Alfalfa pellets.

    The stuff is amazing. I had been using wood stove pellets, but the alfalfa pellets are awesome

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