Sneezing - 3 weeks on doxycycline

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May 22, 2017
And still nothing is working! I am administering .5ml with a syringe, and using the powder version in their water. Any other tips? They are also coming off a battle with coccidia as well.
Can you take them to a vet?

How old are they?
What is the reason you are treating with Doxy? Respiratory illness, infecton???What are the symptoms you are seeing?

Did you have confirmed Coccidiosis - what were your symptoms? What are you treating with?
They are around 4-5 months old now. We took them to a vet, which diagnosed the coccidia based on a stool sample. We 1st treated that for a week, and then began treating the sneezing using doxycycline.
Since they have been under vet care, I suggest revisit or have a consultation.

Coccidiosis - I'm assuming you either treated with Corid or a sulfa drug?

Sneezing only can be anything - dry dusty bedding/feed, molds, poor ventilation, birds clearing food/water from their nostrils.

Sneezing accompanied by mucous, watery eyes, coughing, congestion, facial swelling, lethargy, unthriftiness, etc. would be the makings of respiratory disease. Without testing there is no way to know which disease you are dealing with. Antibiotics will only treat any secondary infections associated with respiratory disease, so if they are not responding, you are most likely dealing with a virus or possibly something fungal that Doxy won't treat.

Try to encourage them to keep hydrated. I hope your vet can do some more investigating and give you some answers.

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