Sneezing 8-10 week chick


Oct 10, 2020
If an 8 week old chicks is sneezing what should my first step be to treat it? I did notice a small air bubble form out of the nostril after sneezing. Other than being a bit sleepy, normal activity. No body else is exhibiting sneezing.
I use Hemp bedding mixed with Diametri...dust and a bit of grit and sweet chicken coop white granules. They are in a room, without a sweeter heater, but heated at a constant 71- 73 degree inside a room with full ventilation and do not act cold. The breed is especially cold hardy. I have (4 )Pavlovskaya chicks and I am trying to help preserve the breed so I treat them as pets. It is unusually cold and rainy in Indiana right now (below 32 degrees at night) and i am trying to slowly reduce the temperature and transition them into an outdoor coop . I am really amazed at how incredibly affectionate and attached this chick is to its human family. It is really extraordinary.


Dec 11, 2009
Colorado Rockies
Diatomacious earth (DE) doesn't add much of anything positive to chicken lives, and it's very dusty and hard on delicate chicken respiratory systems, especially young chicks. If the chicks are all lively and eating well, and pooping normally, I would remove all of the dusty material and see if it improves the sneezing chick.

If it doesn't, and symptoms worsen and more chicks become symptomatic, then you probably would be wise to treat for a respiratory disease secondary infection by administering Tylosin.

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