Sneezing and barking

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    I've read till my eyes are falling out and I'm still not sure what the heck is going on. My rooster started mumbling to himself three days ago and sneezing occasionally. Two days ago his crow became weaker and seemed strained. Yesterday he continued the above mentioned issues but more loudly. Yesterday one of my hens began sneezing. She will make a barking sound occasionally when she would normally cluck. This barking sound occurs a few times per hour. Both are separated from the rest of the flock. Both are eating, drinking and pooing fine. The hen started molting 10 days ago. Both are very active and I have noticed no eye or nostril discharge.

    Since separating them- I have been rubbing them down with VetRX, they have vitamins in their water, and yogurt once per day.

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    Whilst waiting for the ER experts to help out, you may wish to read through this link. It sounds like you have a respiratory issue of some kind or other going on.

    Giving VetRX is a good idea as it will help boost the immune system and thus help to fight off whatever is going on.

    Good luck

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