Sneezing and healthy?

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Silkie Daddy
9 Years
Jan 27, 2010
All of my chickens of different ages and breeds are sneezing very often all day. The oldest ones have been doing it for months and show no signs of there being anything wrong. Laying has not been affected, there is no drainage from their noses, no swelling, nothing out of the ordinary. They are in a healthy environment. Is this just a winter thing? This has been going on for awhile, but has never happened before during warm weather. They are in a draft-free environment with a heat source. Just baffles me. And it isn't a mold problem or fungus.
You say they are in a draft-free environment, do they have adequate ventilation? Ventilation is much more important than heating in the winter. Is it possible they could have a build up of ammonia fumes in the coop. I would make sure they have plenty of ventilation up high to carry any fumes off from the poo. How many chickens do you have, how big is the coop, and what is their diet? Do they get outside every day?
My chickens started out sneezing every now and then and now most of them are all very sick. I would take immediate action. I thought dust
at first but now I know it wasn't.

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