Sneezing - little bit of mucus in one 'nostrel' - but otherwise really happy, healthy, feeding, drin

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    Apr 10, 2012
    Hi Everyone,
    Im brand new to chicken keeping and have had my four girls for 2 weeks. They were purchased from a good buyer, vaccinated etc and settled in super quickly. They have a coop and run but also free range around the garden for around 4 hours a day. Feeding them on a good pellet feed.

    My one girl seems healthy, eating, drinking, cleaning herself, lively, bright eyes and really happy. But a few days after they arrived she started sneezing probably twice an hour. I noticed she has a tiny bit of mucus from one nostrel (which I clean each day as when scratting around, sawdust or leaves can stick to it).

    I have been told to get some apple cider vinegar (which is currently on the way) but any more advice would really be appreciated as I really dont want her to become unwell. As I said, I have had them for just coming up to 2 weeks and otherwise she seems so happy and exactly the same as the other 3.

    Thank you for listening [​IMG]

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