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  1. Hey everyone! In advance I do want to say I've checked out other threads on this, but I'd like to explain my particular case and hope you can help! I brought my two girls inside due to the horrible cold these past few days, and one of them has been sneezing every once in awhile. I've watched her closely and she really seems fine, NO other signs of a respiratory illness, the sneezes are random and not often. My other one doesn't sneeze really, but kind of sounds a little stuffy. Again, besides that she's been acting totally normal. I've watched for nasal discharge, coughing, wheezing, etc, but that's the only thing that seems abnormal. She's eating and drinking fine, scratching around, being a goofy chicken like always, just a stuffy nose sound! Any thoughts? Could it be a reaction to some of the dust inside since she's used to a big coop with no dust? I'm keeping an eye on her. I'd really really rather not get her shots. Home remedies? Thanks!!
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    Just watch for any additional symptoms. Chickens can sneeze due to dust, feed getting into their nose, molds, ammonia smell, and because of the cold. If they look normal with no other symptoms, I would just give them good feed, clean water, and if you want, some vitamins and probiotics in the water.
  3. Thank you Eggcessive! I thought so, my silly girls love getting into everything and enjoy putting their faces as far into their food and water as possible. :rolleyes: I'll keep watching them and be extra careful of changing out their water often because they sure do make a mess!

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