So angry! Neighbor is an IDIOT!

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8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
Yesterday I saw my neighbors dog in my yard after my chickens. He is a vicious lab that breaks through his electric fence(maybe it doesn't work). I saved my chickens with my own dogs and he ran across the street to my other neighbors who has a nice flock. Apparently he snatched my neighbors chickens and brought the hen back to his house and ate 1/2 of it. Now she's down to 5 hens.:(

My idiot dog neighbor told my other neighbor that wasn't her dog that snatched the chicken. That some other dog did the crime and brought it to her front steps. Right. You walk in their yard, their lab will rip your head off. Plus I saw the dog run into the yard. I thought my neighbors hens were in their coop.

I had called my idiot dog neighbor a couple months ago telling her to keep her dog in her yard. That lab is always after my flock! She makes excuses why he gets out. She knows he breaks through that fence. I have to send my dogs to chase her dog out of my yard or I'll get bit myself. This dog will bite kids too.

My neighbor across the street might make a report. I hope she does. I'm tired of this dog in my yard too!
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This neighbor is also malicious and stirs things up illegally in the neighborhood. I try to steer clear of her and avoid her at all costs.
Why are you waiting for your neighbor to file a complaint. If a complaint needs filing, do it yourself so it gets done.

It ate her hen.

It's almost eaten mine several times. My dogs watch inside the house and keep an eye when a dog comes in our yard. My Aussie saves their lives on several occasions.

Plus I have another kidney infection.:(.
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She called the police thank goodness.

Dog was on your property, too. You can file a complaint, and mention that your neighbor lost birds and you're a witness. At least in Ohio, the dog owner is liable for fair market value of the birds (and that includes the money you spent buying them as well as an amount to compensate you for the loss of future eggs).

Also, I concur. A nice shotgun is the way to go! At least in Ohio, it's perfectly legal. We shot a black Lab once while it was on our property with a bird in it's mouth. Hit it right in the butt. :) When the owner came storming over to our place with the sheriff, it was poetic justice when the sheriff told him that no only could he not press charges, he owed US money. Cost the guy over $800 in vet bills, so we didn't charge him for the bird. Dog hasn't been back since.
When I talked to the neighbor with the dog about her dogs going after my chickens, she just shrugged her shoulders and said "they're just chickens". If her dog kills any of mine I need to accept it.:/. This conversation took place about a month ago.
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