so can chickens in a closed coop adjust to an open air type?

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    Nov 23, 2013
    and does it have to be that same design celestory looking design????/ and is the key to not have any other windows? and I assume it has to be deep and tall? and face a certain way???
    thanks yall
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    They'll love you for it, pathogens will hate the fresh air.
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    Yes, they can adjust.....easily and happily.
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    Tall enough to give them ventilation up higher than the roosts. That way the the air exchange is over them and not at them, in other words you don't want them in the breeze. It doesn't really need to face a certain way, air will exchange itself no matter what. Here the wind is usually out of the west so a coop with east west ventilation would probably get more air exchange than one with north south, but minimally more compared to just adding more ventilation. Most people would recommend ventilation on all sides and then you can close off the side of prevailing winds when the weather gets super cold.
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    Dec 15, 2014

    If you are talking about a Wood's Open Air Coop then, yes, the design is specific and outlined (along with a few other designs, I believe) in a book published quite a long while ago. I think member JackE refers to it a lot.

    Many people have adopted the term "open air coop" to describe ANY coop that is constructed with a lot of open windows/walls that allow for ample ventilation. It is my opinion that very few of these coop designs truely consider how the specific features of their design actually effect air flow in the coop to the detail that the Wood's does.
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    wish I would have seen this design before Hubby did rv design
    can yall check whats been done so far and make suggestions? cause he put up the purlins on the gable roof today. too late in day to take pictures. human does is temprarily up where trailer tongue side is.....
    Here is the link I guess it post or thread number 1021034

    I wish the truck topper ,on the first coop ,(which is the roof) front window would open.... a sliding window.... that is above their head..
    Doesnt cold air sink????
    Just the two side windows crank out....

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