So, Chicken Math Is A Real Thing!?!


Oct 3, 2021
Hagerstown Maryland

I heard the phrase "CHICKEN MATH" when I first got some chicks back in March. Since then I added 4 more & just purchased 2 chicks today. 😬
I am in the process of building a nice big coop so I am prepared if I end up getting anymore 😂 Which I probably will. Haha
Today I got myself a 2 day old Ayam Cemani & Hmong. SUPER EXCITED to have little chicks again. I find it really fun getting them from such little guys & raising them up opposed to bringing in adult hens.
My experience It just didn't work out for me so I rehomed my 2 rescues today to a beautiful farm where they have plenty of room to roam and a ton of other hens to be with. It was the best decision for them cus they came from a home where they never got held or barely even saw the owner but they were able to free range in a really big area with woods and everything so I felt as if they just weren't fitting in well here & that they needed to go somewhere where they can be super free. 😂 If that's even a thing. Lol I just wanted them to be happy & I also had to think about the well being of my girls cus my chickens are my BABIES & they were being bullied by them a little bit, probably due to boredom, idk! I feel bad but at the same time I know they are happier where they are now. And now I can get my flock back in order. 😂
But yeah... chicken math...I only wanted 4 chickens and I ended up with 8, & will probably get more......😂
So plan for double (or triple) what you originally planned for cus they are SO MUCH FUN! They have their own little personalities & I absolutely love owning chickens. They are great entertainment thats for sure.


Love one another ❤️
Mar 5, 2019
SE Missouri, USA
I can get more in the spring. Six cockerels ready to process. Also eight older hens for the freezer when the pullets start laying. Which will leave me with let's see (hmm, 12 pullets plus three 2-yo's, um, that's 15), yeah a flock of fifteen layers, so I'll need to order ten more come spring. March maybe.

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