"So dad, what do you think of.....?"


8 Years
Mar 2, 2011
Northwest Washington
Three years ago

Me:"So dad, what do you think of Italian Greyhounds?"
Dad: "Why do you ask?"
Me: "Dunno."

Few weeks after that

Mum: "So I brought home a dog today. Could you hold the big dog so i can bring her in?"
Dad: "What kind of dog."
Mum: "Italian Greyhound."

Little over a year ago

Me: "So dad, what do you think of chickens?"
Dad: "Why do you ask?"
Me: "Oh no reason."
~Walks away~

Twenty minutes later

Mum: "How easy do you think it would be to convert the shed into a chicken coop?"
Dad: "Did you buy chickens?"
Me: "Well... We didn't buy them."
Mum: "And we need a coop done for them next Saturday."
Dad: "How many chickens?"
Mum: "Seven."
Dad: "Alright then."

Months of listening to my mother and I talk chickens later.

Dad: "Why do you need a heat lamp?"
Me: "Mum bought more chickens today."
Dad: "......"

About two months ago

Me: "Hey dad, can you help me build a brooder sometime this spring?"
Dad: "More chickens?"
Me: ~Nodding~
Dad: ~Sighs~ "Alright."


Me: "So dad, what do you think of bees?"
Dad: "You mother bought some didn't she?"
Me: "Well... We didn't buy them."
Dad: "..."

The on going tradition of springing animals on my dad. First the dog, then the chickens, and now the bees. And we haven't even mentioned the goats and the acreage to him yet.
Well you are doing better than me. My DH never gets a heads up before any of the animals come home. The last dog came home on a Saturday, and by Sunday morning DH and the dog had bonded. I saw them first thing that morning and the dog was plastered onto DH's shoulder.
Hee hee - your dad sounds like my husband
Better get him a fabulous father's day gift for his patience!!!
What a nice dad!

Any future plans my husband makes leaves me asking "do I still get my goats?"
Hehe thats good, I like the way you do it!!!
MY DH doesn't normally get asked as I know he will say no!! Ponies, cats, chinchillas, guinea pigs and chickens later, i just need that dog!!!
LOL Poor dad's and husbands.

The best for us....

Sitting at the dinner table, all of us quiet. Wondering, will dad notice? Get through dinner, he hasn't seen her yet. Dad goes outside for his evening swim... still hasn't spotted the new addition. We're getting pretty relaxed, now it's evening TV time, dad settles into his chair. The dogs are scampering around on the floor like normal, the new addition hanging out and playing with them.

All of a sudden, dad sits upright, and says...

"What the heck is that?"

"It's a piglet"

"In the house?!?"

"Yes... it's too little to live outside"

"But it's a pig"

"But it's a baby"

"But I don't care, I need to put my foot down at pigs in the house"

Only time my dad ever said no. And we knew he meant it, so the piglet took a roadtrip down south to my aunt's house and became the mascot to their pig farm.

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