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So my boyfriend has always wanted a basset hound. We've been looking through our local paper at the classifieds but any we saw were AKC registered and super expensive. We really don't care about registration or anything because it's just gonna be a pet so we really hate to spend hundreds of dollars on one. But we do want full blood so it will have all the traits that we like about basset hounds. We thought maybe one that was CKC registered or registerable since CKC isn't so prestigous as AKC and therefore the puppies are usually a little cheaper.

Well we lucked out this week and saw an add for FREE basset hound puppies. I called the lady and turns out they only had two left and they were actually on their way to meet a lady that wanted to see them to decide which one she wanted. I told her we wanted whichever puppy she didn't take and we were to meet her yesterday when we came to town to buy groceries so we could pick it up.

I called the lady when we were just about done so we could meet up. She proceeds to apologize and says that her daughter gave the puppy away the other day after we had spoken on the phone.

The problem with her story: We talked Tuesday night at 8:30ish and she was with her husband and son with the other lady looking at both puppies. So she had the puppy with her Tuesday night. I would assume that when they got home it would be obvious that someone, the mom dad or brother, would have told the girl that they had found a home for the last puppy. I mean who wouldn't share that piece of information. So that leaves Wednesday for the girl to give the puppy to her friend and then Thursday when we talked to the lady.

My issue is when you say "the other day" I usually say that when it's been 3 or more days. This lady only had a day and a half between when we talked and when I was supposed to pick up.

So I told the lady, "The responsible thing to do here is to go and get the puppy, apologize and tell them that your daughter didn't know that the puppy was spoken for." She then told me that she was not going to do that and that she's sorry but they don't have the puppy anymore.

I couldn't believe that this lady would do that. I'm sorry but if my own daughter had given away a puppy that was spoken for I would go get it and explain the situation. If they're your daughters friends then they should understand. If it was that she was worried that we weren't serious and wouldn't show up then you tell the people that you'll give us a chance to show up and claim the puppy but that if you don't hear from us then they can have the puppy.

We had already bought a bed, loads of toys, a collar, food/water dishes and puppy food. My boyfriend is just devastated...
She was not a good breeder. I am not surprised. When you try to work with people like that, you get what you pay for.
CKC was a registry started by the puppy mill folks. Anyone can register a dog with them. If you are looking for a pet why not try perfinder.
With basset hound puppies, you really will get what you pay for if you go to a REPUTABLE breeder. Basset hounds are SO prone to SO many health problems that can be devastating and expensive, it is really worth it to get a puppy from lines that have healthy dogs in their pedigree - and the only way to know that is to get a registered dog.

If you are looking for an "inexpensive" basset, then I too recommend going through a rescue on petfinder where the dog has already been checked by a vet. That's not to say that those dogs can't have health issues, too, but in an adult dog many of them would be found on a vet check.
I am sorry it didnt work out. It must not have been met to be. I agree with Glenmar, why not try petfinder? There are A LOT of dogs on there that need homes. And I bet you could find exactly what you are looking for. And most of the dogs on there are up-to-date on their shots and are spayed/neutered prior to their adoption. So you wouldnt have to go through all of that jazz. Good Luck, I wish you the best.
We got one of our dogs through the pound and it was a real hassle. We also got a dog from the SPCA and that was even more work and the dog turned out to have a LOT of problems, it had parvo and they didn't even know it. Turned out the rest of the puppies they had also got it and had to be put down because they couldn't afford treatment. Ours survived but it was very expensive. He was also supposed to be a jack russell mix and not get bigger than about 20 lbs. He's now about 50 lbs and is definately some sort of pit mix.

I guess I'm just wary of shelters now. I'd rather get a puppy from someone where I can see both parents. I'll check out petfinder though and see what I can find.
Though it was rude for her to give it away first come first serve is the general rule for free.
You usually can not count on someone to show up so people tend to usually give away to the first one to show up.

I myself would have not gone and taken a puppy back. Usually when we get a new pet it takes all of .05 seconds for me to fall in love with it. I would have been appalled and heart broken if someone told me I had to give an animal back.

Sad as it is... that is just the way the ball bounces sometimes.
Ive had my share of disappointments on more than one occasion
When I sell or give things away, first person who pays or show up gets it. I have been stuck SO many times in the past holding thing for people who promised they were on their way, only to have them not even show up or call.

And really was probably a blessing that it fell through. NO one gives away pure bred puppies for free. More than likely, their female basset got bred by a local male dog and the pups looked enough like Bassets to pass them off as pure bred. Don't get CKC....get AKC only and only from a reputable breeder. You will pay more up front, but will end up with less healthy problems over the long term. Or contact a basset rescue and adopt one.

minimum guidelines to finding a good breeder. You want a dog that has all the traits of a basset? Then you want someone who shows/titles/works with their dogs to prove that they HAVE those traits that make a basset a basset.
There are two "CKC" registries. The original is the Canadian Kennel Club, a reputable agency in Canada. The Continental Kennel Club banks on people a) confusing them with the Canadian club or b) assuming that all registries are the same.

Don't forget that there is no such thing as "just" a pet. A pet dog needs to be just as stable and healthy as a show dog. The purchase price of a well-bred dog more than balances out compared to a dog from un-tested parents. You aren't paying for the puppy, you are paying for a lifetime of support from the breeder as well as all the work and health testing done on the parents.
Get on Facebook and look up your local Basset Hound rescue group. You should be able to find a WONDERFUL adoptable dog available from one of the groups. And you wont have to py an arm and a leg- just garuntee the dog a forever, responsible home.

My two-bit of advice? Make sure you and your BF have a plan as to who keeps the dog in the event of a split-up. Sorry to sound negative, but a dog is a big responsibility and alot of places wont take pets, so please plan for any eventuality.
As a breeder of CKC registered labrador retrievers, who are fully tested and proven, I am hurt by a statement like this. There is no difference in the quality of my dogs vs AKC dogs. I have worked very hard to have quality bred litters that fully meet the breed standard and make excellent pets aswell as show dogs.

I know you ment me no personal offence by this statement becuase you dont even know me, but this statement makes all CKC registered dogs sound like trash!

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