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    Today has been a good day so far. Woke up early (well for me) at 6:50, got up fed the animals, ate breakfast ( apple dumplings with ice cream [​IMG] ), went to Wendy's, mowed some made some money, ate another apple dumpling with ice cream haha, got on BYC [​IMG] . So now I might be going swimming and relax by playing some video games tonight (anybody got a PS3 and play online?). And tommorw I am going to my camp and on the way there we are going to eat at Myrt's Cafe ( forget the real name but Myrt's is the closest i can think of might be it might now). And go fishing with my best friend (chickencrazy69) then maybe swimming out there.

    So how was your day?

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    Mar 5, 2007
    Just being lazy on my day off from work.
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    May 11, 2010
    My day was rather eventful. Had a stray kitten brought in with a fractured rear leg, head trauma. Poor thing passed a few minutes after arrival. One of our cancer patients (elderly pitbull) started to bleed out and was euthanized. A 1 lb parvo puppy seized from hypoglycemia. Cute little bugger licked my hand after giving him 1 ml 50 % dextrose IV. Made my day when he went home wagging his tail. A dog with an abscessed gland came in. Had to be sedated and his glands flushed then infused with soothing ointment.

    Arrived home to find my horse lame. Gave him Banamine IV and was given a thankful nuzzle on the ear. Chickens, as always, were excited to see me. I tossed them a cup of scratch feed. Collected two eggs from the nest boxes. The pet birds shrieked their welcome as I made kissy faces at all of them. The geratric dog gave me a soft chuff of welcome and a lick on the face. The couch gracefully accepted my my weary body and here I sit.

    Edited to remove a word concerning the gland located at the back end of a dog. Great.
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