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10 Years
Mar 18, 2009
I've got 5 new babies, and 41 eggs to go!

We got back from my in-laws' house (helped them move this weekend) at 7-ish, and 2 were out and fluffy -- 1 little A&M and 1 brown. Of the 3 others, I have 1 golden and 2 I-don't-know-what-but-they're-darks. They're too wet to tell yet.

The two fluffies are chillin' in the brooder upstairs, and they're so loud you can hear them all the way downstairs!

The eggs aren't technically due till tomorrow, but of course they'd start hatching while we're out of town. I just knew it.

BTW: I solved my roo problem. I found someone on craigslist who's selling boodles of coturnix (ok, 11!), and dh actually VOLUNTEERED to buy them. The woman said she wants to sell them as a breeding group of m/f, which is fine. I have no idea what colors they are; she said "mixed", and dh took that to mean "mixed sexes". Eh, well at least he's taking an interest, right?
AWHHH some of our coturnix share a birthday now! LOL! And congrats on the newbies you're getting!!!!! I hope you update soon with more that hatched!

I'm up to 13 fluffy and now offically in the brooder, and about 5 or so more in the incubator still needing to fluff out. I didn't sit as many eggs that time

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