So happy to be part of BackYard Chickens!!


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Jun 19, 2017
I have been reading posts and searching your website for a long time. I FINALLY decided to register. I have 4 chickens...a 10 year old Americauna that still lays an egg almost every day, A black Cochin that is sitting on eggs that I's day 15 yikes...she started with 10 and I think I'll be letting 2 more go tonight after I candle them. I REALLY struggle taking them out from underneath her and getting rid of them as I want to be sooooo sure there's no baby in the egg. (being so new at this broody hen thing). My cochin is the most maternal animal I have ever encountered-so much so that we named her Horton (Dr. Suess). I also have a blue Maran and a brown chicken I'm not even sure what she is excerpt she's really a fraidy, scared chicken lol. I have found the information I have read here so helpful both in knowledge and calming my anxiety over the upcoming hatch day.
So...thanks for your page... : )

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