So, have you ever had to 'defend'


8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
your reasons for having chickens??

seriously...I have been asked SOOO many times in the last week; WHY are you doing this? "What has prompted you to do this" "chicken doesnt cost THAT much honey"..

I am trying to see long term here...

they lay eggs...
we incubate eggs...
we butcher chickens..
still have more eggs..
we use said eggs...
some are incubated...
some are butchered..

and the cycle continues for what? 25 yrs? 20 yrs??

so my initial $600 investment for the coop and run or so..will last me 25 yrs ...
which makes chcken and eggs cheap over the long run...these are NOT my pets.. ...

its not that I really care about the organic feature of it all..I really dont..
its just that we think it'll be good for us as a family, hard work..etc..

what were your reasons?? what has been the weirdest question/answer that
you were asked??
My family has all decided I am nuts. Reasons to get the birds

Life cycle/Science for my kids.
Education (and trust me I have learned a ton)
Eggs, Eggs and more eggs... Course now I have too many eggs so I may have to thin the bird population soon or sell some.

Meat (and this too has had to have adjustments as butchering was an education in itself.... We will try this another day for lesson #3 on the butchering)
And I believe we are having fun, I know I am.
bug eaters- we will see on this as we have figured out we have a bird killer dog so for now free ranging has not been an option.

I have had people that have not liked the idea of eggs from a backyard flock... Like the white eggs from a store doesn't actually come from a chicken?
I just say, "because they're awesome" and leave it at that
Just look at them as if they are a bit weird and gasp in astonishment " You dont like chickens!!!" then sadly shake your head. So now they are the odd one and need to defend their lack of chicken ownership!
Oh sure they talk smack behind my back. Lol but they always want eggs and sometimes I say no because I incubate. Sometimes they go in the yard and gather eggs and they are my maran eggs or spit to lavender orphinton eggs I want to incubate.
I know my one sister in law doesn't get it. But then she is use to nannies and a house full of servants. I wouldn't expect her to get it, in fact once she got nasty and i told her god forbid should she get her nails dirty. It felt good too.
I don't have to defend raising chickens to neighbors because they all do it too.
My initial reason for wanting chickens and the subsequent resultant situation brought about by the phenomenon known as "chicken math" are two completely different issues.

I wanted eggs and thought chickens would be entertaining and educational. I thought it would be something fun and neat to share with my little grandson, and even my grown kids get a kick out of it. Now I want one of every breed and LOVE my multicolored egg baskets! And the side benefit is healthy, fresh, good-tasting eggs that are preferable to what's available in the grocery store.

We are now hatching and selling chicks locally to folks who want to start their flocks, and I'm always willing to give an extra chickie or two to a fellow BYCer who may need "just one more" for their flock.... LOL
My best friend loves animals of all kinds, and has ducks. Family may think I'm a bit odd, but they put up with me.
Make friends with similarly-minded folks. Everyone else can whatever

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