So hot out-worries about coop training


May 26, 2020
Here in Indiana it has been in the high 80s and very humid lately. I had planned on keeping my new 6 week olds in the coop for several days to coop train (read about it here and on other sites). Before doing this , I had been taking them out of the brooder and putting them in the run for exercise then returning them to the brooder at night . They were very happy to have run time lol. Anyway fast forward to the first night I decided after being in the run to put them in the coop for overnight . Probably a bad idea I guess. We had some outside light shining in a little but they seemed very distressed. When the next evening came along they started piling and freaking out -it was going to storm so I caved and brought them back in the house to the brooder . So yesterday I locked them in the coop all day and the distress was less thankfully but they still kinda freaked out . I installed two little fans trying to keep them cool but I would really like to let them out into the run to have the shade and such . Should I keep them locked in for a few more days and monitor the temp of the coop or can I let them out and just catch them and put them in the coop this evening ? I just don’t want them freaking out tonight and piling again ...but I also don’t want them to get too hot locked in the coop -please advise and thanks! PS-I only have the 6 week olds and one random adult hen who leaves them alone and goes to her sep mini coop. The run is attached to Both coops . :)
Hi there. Your temps are perfect for transitioning to the coop. Let them into the run but be prepared to get them into the coop at night for a few days until they get it. If you use a light then try it in the coop rather than shining in there from another place. Then turn it off after dark and close them in the coop until morning.

They will be scared, it's a new routine and place, but they'll get over it.
I don’t mind herding them at all -I just don’t want them freaking out when I put them away to the point that they are piling on one another -with this heat I am afraid of them suffocating whoever ends up on the bottom :(

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