So how long do turkeys live, & when should I call it good? posted pic!


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Ok so about 6 months ago we got a turkey. He was super overweight took two people to lift the kennel he was in. So we put him on a turkey diet, lol. He's now down to 82 pounds & can walk, & his feet aren't swollen anymore. He is approximately 4 to 5 years old, his beard is almost 6 inches long!

For the last 3 days i've noticed a few things.

1. He's panting more than our dogs do! (He has a mister, fan, water, & shade.)
2. He's stopped free ranging for food during the day. He just sits in his coop waiting to be fed or somewhere in the yard. When fed he will walk back to his coop to eat.
3. He doesn't try to keep the chickens out of his bed anymore, or his food.
4. He's just not as active.
5. Ok just went out this morning to collect eggs, & now he's sitting in the sun again. AND he only ate half his food last night!

His feathers have finally all grown back. He looks very healthy now too. Is it just old age? He still gobbles on command, and enjoys being loved on & hugged. I'm wondering if it's just old age? His appetite is still in full force, & he still acts the same except for the above things. He does still get out & walk around, but will stop a every few feet & lay down. The other day I found him laying in the sun & panting so hard I could hear him about 5 feet away. This is not normal for us since we are in Phoenix, still in the high 90's, & in the desert?

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I'm assuming this guy is a BB commercial turk. Some folks have kept the BB hens alive for 5+ yrs, but a tom? So long as he's able to motor around under his own power and hasn't developed breast blisters (make sure he always has clean bedding - they are prone to `bedsores' on the breast), just watch his diet and, since it's hot and he's panting, aim a box fan at him and maybe put a rubber hog bowl full of clean water nearby (they love to stand in cool water).

It sounds like he's already had his fair share of luck.

And, yes, please post a shot if possible.

Continued luck to all of you!
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Thanks guys for the info! It's raining today & he seems to be doing a lot better. I don't know why now he's getting so hot! It's actually cooling off here, lol

I have a pic of him on my page. His name is Reesc (from rescue) it's before his chest feathers started growing back, but after he lost most of his weight. Two weeks ago when we processed our other bronzes, & wbb's we walked him onto a scale out of curiousity & it read 82! We had another BBB & at 5 months weighed in at 39 after processing.

His feathers are all grown back in & beautiful now, so guess I should post a better looking pic, huh?

We keep good clean hay in his bed, & he stands in the lil pools we have for the ducks & geese. (ppl tease us saying our coops may just be too clean) My DH said the same thing that he's had a lot of luck thus far. He came from a rescue where they got him from a home that had him & 2 other BBB's in a small dog kennel & they had practically picked him clean! When we got him he was covered with sores on his underside, & had a bad infection in his feet. I thought it was bumblefoot but guess they can't actually get that. For the first week or two he just stood on the grass & didn't move.

He's come a long way in the months we've had him.
I had no idea they got that big either but I guess they do. I got this from Guinness.

Heaviest turkey
The greatest dressed weight recorded for a turkey is 39.09 kg (86 lb) for a stag named Tyson reared by Philip Cook of Leacroft Turkeys Ltd, Peterborough, United Kingdom. It won the last annual 'heaviest turkey' competition, held in London on 12 December 1989, and was auctioned for charity for a record £4400 (then $6,692)

Too bad you put him on a diet. You may have had a world record. 1989 seems kind of dated though so it may be broken by now but who knows. That's all I could find on the Guinness site.
Wow ,

if he lost weight he must have beaten the world record of 86 lbs set in 1989, you need to most a photo of him, does he look like a normal turkey?

hope he gets better soon but man 82 lbs i don't know
He is very handsome, even with feathers missing from his chest (right after rescue).

Had a BB tom turkey as a pet, when I was young. He lived a couple years - until a stray dog did him in. The turkey was super friendly and we called him Drumstick.
OMD ! I had no idea that was so big for him! I just thought he was a turkey! lol Now i'm starting feel bad, cuz I made him lose weight! & yes when we got him it took me and a grown man to lift him out of the suv. I took another pic of him this morning standing in front of his pool. It's not very good cuz I took it with my phone.

As you can see he is almost the size of our kiddie pool! That's one of those pools at walmart cost us 12.00. His feathers are almost completely grown back! YAY for him!


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