So.. How will I know?

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    Didnt know if this went here or in genetics. Move mods if in wrong spot - please and thank you!

    Well Right now i have a Buff hen. Sitting on about 10 - 15 eggs.

    Half are hers and half are from my other girls.

    They are due around the 18th, how do I know who's is who's?

    The three girls are:

    and the boys are:
    domestic bibbed mallard
    buffx mallard

    Im pretty sure I know what the Buff's chicks will look like, considering she has had a hatch for me with all three drakes about a two months ago. But how will I know about the others? and what mixes they are?

    will I just not know, or will the coloring come out different?

    Any one have pics of these crosses?

    Any one want to take a guess?
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    The Cayuga crosses should have black feet and bills. When I had Khaki/Mallard crosses, they looked like Mallards, only they were brown and yellow instead of black and yellow. Other than that, I really don't know...I have only limited experience in this area.

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