So I got hatching eggs, box was smashed BUT...

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Apr 20, 2008
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Because JamesA packed them so well in bubble wrap NONE of my very beautiful barnevelder eggs were broken
Now I can only hope that the air sacs are ok. Day one will be tomorrow.

One side of this box was totally smashed and split open. I was totally amazed that none were broken. Thumbs up to JamesA for a great packing job
Thanks James!
Awesome! I'll keep that in mind if I ever order from him.

Did you win the Lav.s too? I started a thread in this forum. You can join me in my hatch-a-long if you want.
I set MY bator here today, except for 4 eggs that go in tomorrow morning. Those are replacement eggs. Some of the first ones sent were broken. So they sent me new ones and I have to let them sit until morning.

Hope you'll join me.
Wow, thats great you had none broke! I got some silkie eggs on ebay for my son who is ten, he has wanted silkies so bad! We got the eggs and had one broke. The box was too small for the carton, only some plastic bags on the bottom of the carton and nothing packed on top. The only thing wrapping the eggs was a single layer of plastic wrap. Almost all the air sacs were floating all over the place, and several had lots of air bubbles. I checked the sellers reviews before purchase and after i received the eggs and all their reviews were great but not happy at all with what happened. Not to mention they told me that priority mail doesnt give you a tracking number??
I contacted them to let them know what happened, and pretty much was simply told good luck. I'm just hoping we have at least a few hatch.
We candled them again yesterday and had to throw out two more. So out of 18 eggs we bought, we are down to five now. He is now on day 15 and I'm saying a prayer that we dont lose anymore. I feel so bad, we ordered him silkies from McMurray when we got our chicks but when we got our order, there was a note saying fertility problems happened and no silkies were sent. I just want some silkies for the poor guy! He was gonna do them for 4H.
Sorry to vent.
I really hope you have much better luck with your hatch then we are having. Sounds like your eggs were packaged much better than ours!
I hope you have a good hatch.I hatched some of the Barnies today and they popped out of the shells running.I hope yours do the same.I'm so glad the eggs didnt get broken with the smashed box.
Looks like many of the Barnevelders are doing super! There are some that are iffy but I like the rate I'm getting so far especially with a smashed box! I will update later when I can see more movement too in these darker eggs

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