So I had the meaties outside yesterday and....

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    two of them, a cockerel and a pullet just sat in front of me giving me stinkeye because I wouldn't let them back inside. Roughly half of the meaties can't stand being outside so I have to lock them out. I think it's important that they get some fresh air, cool grass and learn to be chickens.
    Anyhow, there they set and all of a sudden the cockerel jumped up and onto the back of the pullet. He was trying to have his way with her. She threw him off easily and ran away.
    What I found so funny is that watching the cockerel, he didn't have a clue what he was doing. I'm not talking about his lack of experience, I'm talking about his eyes being completely blank. Clueless. Like a robot.
    Six weeks old and already being idiots. *heavy sigh*
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