So.... i lost my glasses...and about Pee'd myself


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Jul 9, 2008
Well last saturday while at a pool party my glasses were some how misplaced. The people that the house belongs to have seven kids. I lost the glasses on the back porch so I think it wouldnt be that hard to wait for daylight and look for the stupid thing.

Well anyway, for the past week ive been going around with super blurry vision, as I have HORRID eyesight.,

So while " free ranging" my ducks ( I let them out for an hour or three a day) I decided to rearrange the back of my barn so that the ducks could get in and lay on the cool cement floor.

I pushed some bikes into order and look up. I see a snake right in front of my nose! So I screamed " oh *insert naughty word here* " and trip my way out of the barn. urning back around I stare at the spot ( remember, I cant see ) and the thing doesnt move.

So i step closer.

Put one foot in the barn.
Get a few steps closer.
and come face to face with ----

a five foot snake

So I about pee'd myself over a snake skin. I unwrapped it from the metal bed thingy and it was still limp.

Was it recently shed or just not dryed out thanks to the barn temp?
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Time for a new pair.
We went to Barry optical, since they could have them ready with in the hour, but I couldnt find a frame that fit
now Ill have to go looking again and hope i dont get snake bit before they get them done. They take a week everywhere else
If you got a $ store around you I would go and get those Mag glasses till your new ones come in.

Sorry can't help ya with the snakes skin ? hope someone else can.
Limp implies new, and if it was not crackly and still pliable, that pretty much says recent. But new skin or old, the problem remains the same... big snake in 'da house!

Now personally, I wouldn't view that as a "problem," unless I had a few ducklings or other small critters around. A snake is there for one reason: food.

Your ducks, being notoriously messy, have likely attracted moochers in the form of mice - and so the snake arrives for the buffet. Might be a good idea to consider it an ally, as opposed to being frightened of it.
And by all means, get some new specs so you can see - God knows what else you might stumble upon (or over) in your current state. Once you can see again, there, Mr. Magoo, you can keep a better eye out for that reptile.
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