So I rescued a Leghorn Hen....Need Help with her "issue."

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Dec 31, 2008
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and she's an absolute mess. Most of her feathers are gone and she looks pretty beat up, but her demeanor is pretty good and she seems healthy for the most part.

Except...her butt has this pasty substance on it and it smells like...woah! I don't really expect any of my hens' butts to smell like roses, but it's an unnatural stench.

What's up and how do I treat it? Thanks.
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Well this is just a wild shot in the dark, but if her butt's all gross and stinky, does she have an abscess back there somewhere? Did she get attacked by something?
Well, I cleaned it up on day one and all looked fine. No damage that I can see, but now on day two, it's back.

??? I know, this is an odd one.

I don't know anything about her history. My chickens get excellent care, but the guy I bought her from at a farmer's market didn't seem to give the same level of care.

My 6 year old son wanted to buy her, so I agreed and considered it a rescue. I think she's going to be fine, but I'm just not sure about this issue.
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I hate to say it, the idea makes me a little queasy, but a photo (of butt) would be very helpful. Is she laying right now? Does she have normal droppings? How old is she? Regardless, the first thing I would do is give her a nice warm bath, and blow dry her. Make sure she has a super healthy diet with lots of protein, and low carbs, to help her re-feather and regain strength. Good for you for taking the effort to help this poor gal!

Just saw your added info--is the substance coming from her vent, or at the base of her feathers? Does her skin look broken?
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Well if you can bring her in and wash her that would help. You definitely want to quarantine any new bird especially one such as this. Second just feed her feed and water, no greens or extras till she get's her system cleaned and regulated. Vitamins and maybe a very little yogurt once or twice. She could just not have been fed correctly. It's amazing how some people feed there animals. The smelly butt could just be because of what she was or wasn't fed.
If you wash her keep her indoors for a few days. Chickens have oil on their feathers just like ducks and she'll need time to replenish it.

All the best

Thanks, our chickens are pets, and she'll have a great life from here forward.

I gave her a warm bath as soon as I brought her home. I trimmed all her feathers around her vent because they were just nasty. I thought that would fix it, but the smell and "paste" is back.

I can get a picture and "poop report" tomorrow. No eggs yet from her. I have no idea how old she is. The guy who sold her to me, according to him, has hundreds of chickens, so he had no idea either. She looks young.
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