So I thought all my hens were laying...


9 Years
Oct 13, 2012
We bought our 6 hens from a nearby farm, they were about 23 weeks old when we got them 5 weeks ago. We got two eggs the day after we brought them home, then soon 3 a day, and now most days it has been 4 a day. The eggs have gotten progressively larger too, moving towards large eggs now. Tonight I got home from work and there were four eggs all in one nest box (we have two), and one of them is the size of the first pullet eggs we were getting 5 weeks ago. Do you think maybe there has been one hen that hasn't really been laying all this time, or is it normal that one of the hens laid an egg that small at this point? I thought all of their combs looked red so I thought they were all laying. As you can tell, I'm new to chicken raising :)

Yay! That's what I was hoping for, thanks for the input. I wasn't sure if they regress that much in egg size after laying for 5 weeks.
I have 4 hens. 2 are over a year old. Sisters, Americanas. One lays the other does not and never has for me. I have 2 younger hens, one born on the 5th of May and the other one "in the summer" In the summer, Gertrude is a Barred Rock and is huge. She looks like a Turkey! the other is a mix, born May 5th. Shouldn't she be laying by now? And I have no idea why Hazel, the sister is not laying. I think she may have had a blockage in her throat and with yogurt, olive oil, it cleared in just a week. But she still has a messy butt and is not laying. It can't be stress as she has been with me since day one and is the friendliest. Any suggestions?

Jody Bargersquack

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