So mad I could spit bullets (loose dog AGAIN) - Letter rejected


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Jan 17, 2007
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You will all understand, better than anyone.
In December a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a Jack Russell barreled into the yard and I heard a lot of rukus. Because the dogs were snarling and growling and standing their ground, it was hard to get them back to the house they came from, nor was I able to catch them. The RR bit me.

When I got them back to their house (I needed to do this in order to put them somewhere so I could check to see if BJ roo and Ellie were okay) their human was impossible to deal with. She was mad that I interrupted her when I knocked on the door, declaring she was busy with her baby. I declared that I was busy with her dogs. It's a long story but basically I told her she needed to keep the dogs on her property, that I had to go check on my birds because I didn't know if they were dead or alive (at that point I didn't). She wanted to keep arguing but I left as soon as I could. Luckily, BJ and Ellie were okay, though very rattled. I eventually had to call Animal Control to ensure that the dog hd its rabies shot because the people hadn't responded to my inquiry about this.

The dogs have gotten loose a number of times since then. Once several days ago when I thankfully was able to intercept them before they came upon BJ and Ellie. The husband of the ditz I encountered the first time said "I don't want to start nuttin' witch ya'" to which I said "Then you've got to keep your dogs on your property or otherwise in your control at all times". He refused to speak further, as though I was an unreasonable wench.

This morning, hen Ellie has just gone inside to lay an egg; BJ dutifully followed her. Thank goodness for this timing because the Ridgeback was back again, full throttle. I was unable to catch him but followed him home at warp speed. The ditz - who I now believe is certifiable - was in the yard with the baby when we arrived. When I told her it happened again her response was that she was in the front yard with him. I thought "Huh?" and said he was down in my yard again and nearly got my pet birds AGAIN. After all, she saw me approaching her yard with him running right in front of me! She didn't want to talk to me, said that the dogs have only been loose twice since December (not true) while she's been home. I explained that all it takes is once to have a devastating situation to which she replied that he is not a problem. She said they got invisible fence and I said I appreciated that effort but that obviously it wasn't keeping him from roaming. She repeated about the invisible fence umpteen times, unwilling to acknowledge that it wasn't working. She also said other people's cats venture into her yard, as if it was an analogy. I said that had nothing to do with the situation (and certainly nothing is hurting her pets) and noted that even if that is objectionable to her it doesn't make it right that her dog is running loose.

She said she'd send her husband down to discuss as she didn't want to talk about it. I said fine, but that my position is not going to change - they need to keep their dogs under their control at all times - they are predators and as much as I love all animals, dogs included, I draw the line with them hurting defenseless pets. And that if I have to I will push to have the dog taken if they can't comprehend the importance of their responsibility here. She kept repeating that she had nothing to say to me and was very clearly someone who does not understand the concept of behaving responsibly in this world.

I then did call Animal Control and left a message that the dog(s) have been out several additional times and that these people do not seem to comprehend the importance of keeping the dogs under wraps. My birds are jumping up and down and pacing, so eager to get out of the run and explore but with wackos like this, I worry constantly. I can tell the ditz actually believes I am nuts, and unreasonable. Unfortunately, they live next door to completely irresponsible mean people who developed the land just uphill of me and broke so many permit rules that my property is being destroyed from flooding. They are callous about it and have refused to remedy and the town is not forcing them to even though it is the town's job to do so. So, basically it's been hell with irresponsible people abounding.

I am probably next going to have to deal with the husband of the ditz when he marches down here. Before anyone suggests it, I don't have a gun and don't think we can use them in this residential neighborhood anyway. The RR moves so lightning fast that even if I had a paint gun I wouldn't have gotten a fix on him long enough to use it. Nor would I have been able to catch him to rehome him. It's his people's fault - that's what's so sad/frustrating. Poor BJ and Ellie are in lockdown yet again, bored silly of their run. And there's nowhere I can really extend it without graet expense and it getting flooded out due to the illegally executed development.

Like I said, spitting mad! irresponsible humans are getting on my last nerve!!

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If I couldn't have a gun in the neighborhood I think I'd be driven to put out some poison hamburger. First, though, I'd give the neighbors and Animal control the opportunity to fix the problem. If not then...
i hope the hubby of the ditz had a brain and can figure out that his pet was wrong ( or that he is wrong for allowing the pet to roam)...

what did animal control have to say when you called them?

have a camera handy even if you need to use a disposable....if in the event any of the chickens are harmed if you have pics proving that his dog is known to run loose it will give you some weight for legal action
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I am not a big fan of poison secondary poisoning is to great of a risk
Take pictures of the dogs everytime they are on your property and then call animal control OBSESSIVELY everytime they are on your property until you see animal control come out and talk to you and the ditz in person...everytime!!
You need to document, document, document! Pictures, times, dates and what was said and done. Write down everything and everyone that you spoke to (names of individuals in animal control, police, etc.) Find out your leash laws and dangerous dog laws. If your local animal control will do nothing and the law enforcement will do nothing, call you senator. At least thats what I did. I didnt just make waves I caused a sunami! My problem was solved.
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I'm really so sorry this is happening. It is always unfortunate when you have any sort of dispute with a neighbor, but especially so when it involves danger to some living thing you love. You said the one dog bit you? I would be concerned about my own safety, and would report this to the local authorities if necessary. Out here in the country where I live it would involve the Sheriff's department. Have you a BB gun? I'm not a good shot myself but my husband & sons have prevented a pack of dogs that was half-wild from coming onto our property after burning their bottoms with BB's several times. (They have since been removed from the area, thankfully.) People can't just have a dangerous dog running loose.
I wish there was an easy answer & I know I probably haven't helped you a bit, but I do empathize if that means anything. So sorry.
i don't see poison as an option. it could even be illegal.
if you were bitten you should have reported it at the time. that would have set a whole new game into play. at this point animal control is your best bet along with a quality pepper spray device. hope you get things worked out.

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