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Jun 10, 2009
One order from MurrayMcMurray yielded 5 roosters out of 25. Another smaller order of 8 from MPC (which arrived late with three dead) has yielded 2 roosters- my speckled sussex. Interestingly one matured a month before the other! They are huge.
I have already gotten rid of the Andalusian and Austrolop (early developers who crowed constantly).
Luckily the two EE are well behaved. I have one mystery rooster- who just started crowing yesterday.
I just can't believe it! They start at 5am and I have neighbors so I am going to have to do something
post them on CL
offer them on BYC sale sections for pick up
??? Many options available:)

I hate to get rid of mine but every year Im faced with a huge amount of roos-by This time in the year Im only a few away from my goal roos for the winter I think I rehomed/sold/processed 30+ roos this year
I had gotten 7 "pullets" from Tractor Supply Company. 4 turned out to be roos. I gave one away last week and delivered the other three last night. I'm in town also and can't keep roosters. I sure hope the guy I bought my other 7 chikcs from really knew what he was talking about. He's NPIP so I sure hope so. He's willing to take them back if he's wrong.
I have at least 10 baby roosters at my house from a recent hatch. I'm just going to let them grow up for a few more weeks, post them here to make sure no one needs a chicken daddy, then post 'free roosters' on craigslist and grit my teeth.
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I have to laugh......try 29 chickens.....11 are hens.....took FOREVER to take care of business and get down to three roosters. Built another coop and run for one and that still leaves two roosters in with 11 hens. One is a cochin and does not crow yet at 25 weeks. Nor has he laid an can only hope!

Just bought five new girls to go with the Lone Rooster and they are in quarantine.


But now I have some peace among my flock!
Yep it's that time of year. I got 8 here now and 40 hens and sure could stand to get rid of a few more but.... I haven't. Try posting an ad in your local paper if CL or BYC doesn't work out for you. I posted an ad on CL for 4 free bantam roos earlier this year and within a few days had a guy who wanted all of them for his big farm. He also said if I ever have any more he'd be happy to take those too! Do you have any local animal swaps you could take them to?
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Wish we were closer to you. I would love, love, love a specked sussex rooster. We have 20 pullets and one roo now. The roo is a SLW and is a butthead. We are hoping to get a SS roo someday and create two flocks. Good luck finding a home for your mouthy boys!!!

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