So my neighbor called..


12 Years
Oct 20, 2007
Metamora, Illinois
and told me they had a few of my chickens.. I do free range the laying girls, so I went over to retrieve the birds.. and...
they were not mine.
4 little bantam roos
one Buff brahma, with leg bands..
and 3 cochin roos
they are in decent shape, no bugs, they have good feather and were in decent of the cochins does have a bloody comb, but the red cochin seems a bit aggressive.

WHY would someone dump off roos at a farm that has no other chickens at it?or more importantly, why would some one dump roos?
I am sad for them..
I'm by no means justifying that, but maybe they bought a large number of straight run birds and are unable to have roosters in town. Could be a possibility. At any rate, congrats on the new additions.
I ended up with my "basement" rooster Fred because some one dumped him at the barn I was leasing. No other chickens. Just the one rooster. He had just started to crow when he showed up one morning. I had no clue about how to care for a chicken and was only leasing the barn.
When the crazy property owners showed their true colors I had to take him home with me to my house. He lived in the basement from Dec 1 to the beginning of March. I found him a new home, with other chickens because at that time I had no idea BYC was here and the dh was definitely not keen on having a house rooster. Fred would crow ALL day long.

The people that dumped(may just wave wandered off the property they belong too?) these birds probably lost their property due to foreclosure. Or may have had the flock without the property owners permission and been forced to "rehome" them. Lord knows it is happening with dogs and cats and such. A flock of chickens? Yeah I can see it
I had somebody dump a fighting cock on my place. He was a great rooster. He was good with people, loved my cats (raised 2 kittens), and chased off predators.
For the same reason someone dumps kittens, pregnant cats & dogs, old farm animals, etc...

They consider them to be unwanted or nuisance animals and they don't have the brains, money or morals to properly rehome or euthanize the animals.

Sorry they were dumped in your lap. What are your plans?
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What are your plans?

Well, first they got wormed and sprayed with Adams flea and tick, and then they had some breakfast, and now they seem pretty cozy- I guess they are staying for now.. They all seem very friendly, they don't run away when approached, and the black one is *really* cute, ( and I have a couple of black cochin babies I just hatched) He is laced, not sure which color of lacing.. but he can stay,
I would love to find homes for the others.. Anyone need a roo??

but if not they can stay, I just need to get them out of the 6x6 dog kennel - so that means a bigger coop??

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