So proud of my girls...


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9 Years
Sep 18, 2010
Southern California
My gardener came, and I had forgotten that he was coming today. So I had already let the girls out. They were so good though. As soon as that lawn mower started up, they went running to their coop. I told them to 'go home girls' and all three went marching up the ramp and into the coop.
I swear, chickens are so much easier than pretty much any other pet I've ever had!
Yup! I agree. I wish my dogs were as well-behaved as my chickens. Life would be less complicated.
The one time mine were out while the yard was being mowed, they chased the poor guy's riding lawn mower grabbing fresh cut grass and I am assuming bugs
Freaked my yard guy totally out!
I agree - most chickens are fairly low maintenance, and well-behaved. As long as they've got structure and a routine, they're great! I spend more time keeping track of my dogs than I do the chickens.

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