so - rooster, or roosterS?!


6 Years
Sep 14, 2013
Hampshire uk
I have today got two new pekin bantams, in the hope that my last remaining old lady bantam has some company. They are apparently 12/14 wks old. I dont know, I have a feeling at least one of them is a rooster.... I attached pictures because I really dont know, and would love your opinion!
the grey is 'Olive' - think a pullet?
and the golden is 'Dotty' - think a rooster...
or two roosters?

v confused...

I am a newbie, but their feathers both look like hens to me, their combs arent that big or red. I would guess both are pullets...
both girls, boys would have had a fair amount of the shiny spikly feathers on neck and back plus curvy feathers over the tail also combs and wattles would have been bigger and redder. Both of them are lacking all of those features.

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