So Sad...Chickens have to go. I've got ten days. Central IL--SOLD

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Apr 14, 2008
North Carolina
I received a letter today from an Attorney that represents our village telling me that I have ten days to get rid of my chickens. My husband had just spent over $300 building me a chicken tractor. If anyone's interested, I'm willing to sell it and the chickens for $250. I've got six partridge cochin bantams and two black silkies. I'm in Central Illinois. PM me for pictures.
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I am so sorry. I can't imagine being made to get rid of my chickies.
That really stinks. If I were closer I would take you up on your offer but I'm in NJ.
WHOAHH! .. slow down

Just a letter?
Nothing else?

Please do a bit of research before acting.

Check, Ordinances, 4h Club, they are able to give permits for rearing chickens. as a learning tool for children. NEED TO BE A MEMBER.

Please don't give up completely!
I have 2 different friends in a nearby town with chickens, and I just assumed that because this town was so small and rural, that it would be ok. It's my fault for not finding out about the ordinances. We asked our neighbors first, to make sure no one minded, but apparently someone must have.

This is how the letter was worded:

Please be advised that I am the attorney for the Village of ________. I am writing to advise you that residents within the Village limits are prohibited from raising or keeping within the Village limits an live chicken. It has been brought to my attention that you are in violation of this matter. I am writing to advise you that you must remove any and all live chickens from within the Village limits. Please be advised that you have ten (10) days to remove the live chickens from the Village limits. If you do not remove these chickens from the Village of ________, then you will force me to file a lawsuit to pursue this matter. In order to avoid unnecessary litigation, please address this matter immediately.

I'd rather just find them a new home, rather than fight this. I don't want the neighbors to hate us.
OK. Before you get rid of the chickens, call the lawyer. It's 1 phone call. Ask for a copy of the ordinance regarding chickens. I wouldn't get rid of mine for a badly written letter like that!

Sounds like a tactic to scare you into submission. I'd find out the facts first - even if it took more then 10 days.
I'd let 'um file a law suit. Do towns actually file law suits aganist people for this?? I thought they just gave you a deadline and you comply or they send in the animal police (or whomever) and they remove them from your property...
i agree! it sounds shady to me... I would think you would get a letter from the town first...
Please don't give in! Find out whats going on first.
After that, then try to get rid of them. They have no ground for a suit and are just trying to scare you into doing what they want.
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