so upset, is there any chance??

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    Jul 13, 2011
    my shippment of silkie eggs arrived today and i was so happy. i took them out, recived 2 extras and placed the in a egg carton to cool for 24 hours. they where in perfect condition. i closed the door and went outside. but went i got back i saw that the dog was in the room with the eggs and has knocked them all over the place, across the room, in his mouth, everywhere. he licked everyone of them and flipped a few over. i was mad!

    so i was wondering if there is any chance of them hatching? it hard enough to hatch shipped eggs let a lone silkies. non where broken but they were tossed around a bit and can the bac from the dogs siliva affect the eggs and cause them to not hatch?

    im soooooo upset right now and was really happy eariler this morning. is there any chance? what can i do to help? [​IMG]
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    Sorry this happened. I would go ahead and set the eggs that are not cracked, and wait until day 10 to candle. I've heard some amazing survival stories - hopefully yours will soon be one of them.
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    That would upset me too. Sorry.[​IMG] Definitely set the good ones. This might be that rare circumstance to sanitize the eggs because of the dog saliva; and precandle looking for cracks. Give the good ones a try--it could work!
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    Let them rest for 3 to 4 days before turning in the bator. Remember what they say about a dog's mouth, least it didn't bite down. Candle, look for cracks, and hoping for the best, I bet some eggs have been through worse [​IMG]
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