So...we can stalk, but not email?

When you send a PM, unless they have changed the setting to not receive them, your recipient will get an email that you have sent a message.

I personally like the added privacy.

As for followers, it is the name for what was the buddy list. No stalking involved.
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I think I prefer the following to the buddy system, because now I get an email when someone I am following has posted, whereas I never could quite see the benefit of having people in my buddy list before.
It's more along the whole auction thing. What if you don't want someone to know you are watching the auction? Or the Buy It Now? You know how those sharks get at the end of the auction...BAM.

I know that I joined so that I could get into contact with people via email. Many people do not check BYC, even after getting a message notification...just too difficult to load the page via phone (guilty party), so I wait for a convenient time, maybe even days later to respond. Which, invariably, makes me rude...
Quote: Thats why you subscribe rather than use follow.

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