So what did you cook today?

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  1. I made an accident but DELICIOUS! discovery for dinner today. I ment to boil chicken for chicken and rice but forgot about it while I was doing other things and the water ran out and it shorta fried it. Oh gosh It was SOOOO Good!

    I put a large pot of water on the stove and put frozen chicken in it. Add everglade seasoning and italian herbs to the water. let it boil until the water runs out then let it cook for a lil while longer. I swear to GOD it was SSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO good! I couldnt help but steal pieces while prepping the kids' plates.
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    I love that....I sometimes make accidental "crispy" dinners but mine don't have a happy ending for many except the dog or the cats....

    What is everglad seasoning?
  3. I dont know if anywhere else has it but Florida does. Should be able to get it at grocery store where the seasoning products are at. It should have a green cap with green printing on it.
    It says it has salt, spices, MSG (yes I know that's BAD), dehydrated garlic and onion, sugar and papain.
    You can use it pretty much on anything.
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    I love this thread

    Here goes , we had chicken and broccoli Alfredo with bow tie pasta, it was delicious grandson had 2 helpings which is good cause he's too skinny

    I made Gumpsgirls bread yesterday for the first time so that went nice with it
  5. It's almost 6:30 and hubby is still not home with my casserole so Im popping some pork chops in the oven, make up some instant mash potatoes and a veggie. Simple
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    Quote:Nom Nom Nom... That sounds delicious!
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    trying the thanksgiving dinner roll recipe to see if it needs changes on thursday
  8. Quote:Scratch that...Im just not in the mood to cook nor have the energy to stand in the kitchen to cook.

    I threw a few pork chops in the oven then cooked up some instant cheese grits in the microwave. Cut the pork chops up in cubes and mixed it in the grits. There dinner is served. I know, very lazy! but the kids are really enjoying it.
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    Leftover Goulash, spaghetti squash *if I can figure you how to cook it so my kids will eat it!*

    I wish you guys could come to my house & cook~~your meals all sounds so good compared to mine. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:next time try to use the squash as the base for the sauce instead of a side's delicious to use spaghetti squash as a substitute for noodles in a "pasta" dish

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