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  1. Last night from my shipped in eggs I had several hatch. One was missing and eye and has a crooked beak. We have hatched out eggs from others that were not shipped and our own and NEVER these type of issues we are seeing from shipped eggs. Someone said the postoffice does not x-ray the eggs, someone said they did...........what the heck is going on with my shipped in eggs then??? We have our own eggs and those from a lady at church all of those are hatching out with NO deformities - messed up little bodies. So why the shipped eggs??? :|
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    I would suspect that there was a defect from the beginning. I wouldn't think an XRay could affect an egg/ or chicken within 24 hours which I'm suspecting is how long they may have been in shipping.

    [​IMG] Some times you just get a bad egg. [​IMG]
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    I had some shipped guinea eggs. All the keets that did hatch were deformed and died. The rest of the eggs never developed or started to develop deformed keets that did not even hatch. Never thought of the shipping may of caused it. I just thought I had bought bad eggs.
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    I've been exploring my hatching egg options, so I went to the post office and asked what their policy is on x-raying eggs. The woman looked at me like I was nuts and said she'd never heard of the post office x-raying anything.
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    I just had a hatch, and I had exactly the same thing, one chick only had one eye and a very crossed beak. Its the only one I had that way all year. Strange.
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    Sometimes it happens that way. I don't know anyone that hatches that doesn't have the odd hatch that is just horridly disappointing like this. So many things can cause problems with the embryoes. The hens could have been exposed to a bateria or virus that effected the eggs. It could be results of poor nutrition with a vitamin deficiency. Lots of things can go wrong with eggs. Even unclean hands can transfer disease and create a multitude of problems.

    Sorry you had a bad hatch.
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    Quote:I was just going to say the exact same thing. When you get hatching eggs from someone long distance and you dont see the breeders they came from, you cant be sure of their condition. Even in decent looking condition, they may not be fed properly for producing the healthiest chicks. Layer feed may not be adequate, in other words. Then there is the issue of dirty nests passing on ecoli contamination. So many things are beyond your control when you get shipped eggs. Even with healthy breeders, from time to time you get a chick that just isn't right.
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  8. Just seems odd that all my shipped eggs each hatchs have had deformity problems. Missing eyes and body parts is not normal. All only from shipped eggs. I would wonder if everyone that I got eggs from did not feed them properly because others got eggs from the same people and have had no problem or at least did not mention it. So, I would believe more it had to do with shipping somehow. Now the question in my mind is how is the shipping messing them up? I have only gotten eggs from 1 ebay source and here on the swaps or trades. The rest of the chicks that hatched out of this batch look perfectly fine. Again however the hatch rate is not near what it is for home grown eggs. I'll see if I can get pics of the little guy with one eye and a messed up beak. Wonder if I could tie it so it would grow correctly or should we put him down so he/she will not suffer? :|
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    How are you cleaning your incubator?
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    Can you confirm that your shipped eggs didn't come from related parents.

    Inbreeding can cause problems like these, also the health of the parent birds can cause developmental egg issues. Just a thought.

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