So, what y'all gonna do today?


13 Years
Mar 22, 2008
Annetta Kentucky
I get to fold some laundry, the usual chores of cooking dishes....
later on i got to run to Wallyworld and pick up my new coffee table. THan run across the road to Home depot , get 2 ft of baseboard paint and more coop material. THen run back home put the table together make dinner, finish taping the mudroom and last but not least maybe start painting it. But not just plain old one color, no according to DH it needs to be in Ohio State colors with the helmet stripe run all along the room at chair rail height.
When I am done tonight i will just fall over and die.
Got a brooder together for some qail maybe coming this week. Got a brooder together for chickens due to hatch friday-ish. Got a chicken apron made, lightweight, for me. Laundry, dishes, rehomed three parakeets. got the dogs outside for right now. It snowed this morning and they were bummed. Sun is out now so they are out chasing things around in the muck. I think that's about it for us today. Oh, got a crockpot full of chili for a chili cookoff at church tomorrow.
Chocolate cookies in the over, dip is made, potatoes on the stove for potatoe salad. Still need to make the ranch dressing, but that can wait a bit. Brewkies are chilling, patties are formed. Need to cut the tomatoes and onion.... BBQ!!!!
Come cook for me, i got a temperature running ,my DS threw up yesterday. I want a flipping break. DH better know when he comes home he keeps all the kids and i do the store run alone.
got up early went to the grain store, bought some shavings and grain. Went to my 'old" barn and brought the guys some eggs. Gave them to them free. I love those guys. Scott is like a brother to me and Ted only asks about my dd. He doesnt have an grandchildren, so my dd is his surrogate grand daughter.

Then went to the barn and dug out the horses stall. whew that was fun. Took his blanket off and groomed him. Both he and I were happy. And covered with his hair.

came home and have been calling the hospital and waiting to hear something since I have been home.

MIL is up stairs with the kid aggravating her.

And I am waiting to head back out to feed the boy etc

Fun day over all
Cleaning the coop, taking the dogs to the dog park, getting some hen scratch, moving my chickies to a bigger brooder , and a little spring cleaning. I did sleep in so my
day is kind of just beginning
Only noon here....

whoa...fed the chickies and the big chickes...groomed a Doberman for a friend, as in dremeled the nails...collected eggs and am up to 8 the 10 per day from young girls, who can just barely be called hens...put thd dogs in and out at least 375 is a lovely day and they want to go out but are scared to death if they go out for too long I am going to disappear so they have to come SEE me...have 4 adult Dobermans and 3 babies, 6 days old...changed their bedding again...laundry laundry laundry...reading a new Patterson novel and a new Kellerman will drop by later...busy busy...

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