So whats the best bobwhite for meat?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by pringle, Jul 5, 2011.

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    Hey I have not been on in a while but I need to know what is the best type of bobwhite for meat.I would also like to know the space requirements to raising them to about 24 weeks to butcher them. I am planning on ordering about 100 eggs and with any luck im hoping 50 or more will hatch out. They will be in there brooder for a while until fully feathered out then put into the grow out pen until ready to butcher, I want to keep the biggest 12 females and 4 males to put into a seperate colony breeding pen for the next year.
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    I'm not authorized to say "all" are equal, but I can testify that Northerns and GG's are no differnt in taste and texture. I'd hate to know there was a quail that had any better quality meat..... [​IMG]
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    Mar 2, 2009
    Pringle The Best Strain For Meat Is Often Considered To Be The GeorGia Giant, While A Tad Smaller Than Butlers They Are More Uniform In Size And Reach Full Size A Little Faster...24 Wks Maybe A Tad Early? 32 Will Definately Get Ya There. Also Careful With The Culling Idea At 1st... The Ratio You Have In Mind Will Work If The Birds Themselves Allow It. Bob Hens Are Cranky Evil Lil Wenches And Many Times Do Not Play Well With Others, So The Whole Quad Thing Goes Flying Out The Window Easily With These Guys... Best To Keep Extra Males In Case Of Crankiness, Or Just Keep Them In Pairs. In Pairs They Tolerate Close Quarters Readily With Lil Or No Problems, In Colonies They Require Considerably More Space Than Coturnix
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