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    I use the litter-box type board under my roost, with the Sweet PDZ in it. Last night when I was scooping, I noticed what I assumed was 2 soft shelled eggs all dried up. Wasn’t sure, so I went on with my business. This morning when I let the girls out of the coop, I looked and there were three very soft shelled eggs sitting in the PDZ. I’m assuming that these eggs are falling out of the girls when they’re roosting. The shells were so soft that there is no way they were carrying them out of the nest box, up to the roost. They were broken, but I’m not sure if they were eaten. I hope not, because I don’t want to have to deal with that. I did put out oyster shell yesterday. I hadn’t had that out yet, because they seemed to be getting enough calcium in their feed, as the eggs I have been getting have had nice shells on them. I had thought only two hens were laying, my Speckled Sussex and my Easter Egger. Now I know at least four of the six are, because none of the three this morning were from my EE.

    Do you think once the shells start hardening, they will use the nest box? The two that have been laying have been using it with no problems.
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    Mar 30, 2014
    I have the same issue. I found two soft shell eggs this morning busted on ground under where they roost. We also have the pdz. I'm getting some oyster shell today....
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    I'm not sure how long the calcium takes to have an effect. I found two more rubber shelled eggs this morning in the roost.
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    If they are new layers then it is likely not so much an issue of lack of calcium so much as their bodies are just not used to egg making yet. Mine have plenty of calcium but one of my birds insisted on dropping several soft shells from the roost.

    For truly calcium deficient hens, I am not sure how long the added calcium takes to take effect. I would be interested to hear the answer to that as well.
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    This has been happening to me often. I'm wondering how often it really happens and we don't know it. I have one that lays a good egg in the morning and come later in the same day she lays another with no shell....this happens right in front of us on the deck. She done that twice now in the past 4 days. So how often does it happen and we don't see it.
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    I would think that if 1 hen out of say a flock of 6 or more all eating the same diet is laying malformed eggs, and there is no other signs of illness in that hen, it has something to do with that particular hens system not being quite right.

    ETA: My theory here applies to established layers rather than newly laying pullets.
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  7. bobshere

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    Yes or just not being ready to be a full time layer. Mine are 20 weeks old. This particular chicken I'm talking about is my best layer so far. She and another has only missed two days in August so far. I have another who has missed 4 days and the other two are just starting out. They haven't even laid half the days in August.
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    I have a 9 month old BO who has been laying 4 or so soft shelled eggs every week from the roost. They don't have a shell per se, it's more like they are contained within a water-balloon type material. When she does manage to get a good egg out, she lays in the nest box.

    My birds were being fed predominantly on grain, but I have since switched to layers pellets 2 days ago.

    I have also ordered some liquid calcium to add to their water.

    I spoke to my vet regarding all of this and he said yes, this was the way to go. He also said it could take several weeks to see a result.

    I haven't received the calcium in the mail yet but will keep everyone posted as to any results I notice after I start using it.

    It is just so frustrating to see eggs go to waste. So near, and yet so far! Hopefully they will all get the hang of it.

    - Krista
  9. aart

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    Well, yes, new layers are a different story, I meant established layers.......I will edit my post to add that for future reference.
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  10. madicakes

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    They must be working on getting on track. I actually had 3 eggs today, no rubber ones :)

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