Soft shell eggs


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Nov 17, 2012
Just got my second soft shell egg today, and am wondering what the cause is. The
eggs are normal sized, but the shell is soft, with a paper like feel. They don't break
open or leak, but they collapse if you squeeze it at all. The hens have access to
oyster shell every day, and eat layer feed with veggie treats. I also give them Omega
egg supplement once or twice a week. Thanks
I only wish I knew. My girls have been struggling with soft shelled and rubber eggs for a couple of months now. Like you I have provided them with shell grit, and they eat a balanced diet of layer feed and vegie scraps too.

I bought some calcium supplement from an online store this week and have started adding it to their food. I am hoping this eliminates the problem in due course. I have 4 layers (well, actually I have 6 but two are brooding, so no eggs from them!) and of the 4 that are currently laying, two give a soft egg every day. It is frustrating!

Make sure you don't give your girls too much spinach. I read somewhere that it prevents Vitamin D and Calcium from being absorbed, so even if they are getting calcium in their feed they can't metabolise it.

That's about all I can offer as help I'm afraid. If this calcium supplement works I'll let you know!

- Krista
Wow Krista, two a day! Your flock is the same size as mine. My hens get a lot
of Kale from our garden, and I am wondering if this might have the same effect that spinach
does? I am going to cut out the kale for a while and see if that helps. If it does I will let you

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