Soft shell to hard shell - a triumph!

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    May 20, 2008
    Well, I have found 2 broken soft shelled eggs in the coop within the last week or so. I suspected it was a new layer; and I was right!!! Today I found a lighter colored, rougher textured, egg that was Obviously from the new layer. I awoke to such a commotion and racket this morning(you know, the laying talk they do) - so I Know it was someone new. None of my other layers squawk like that anymore when laying - they all only did it the first time. I was so proud of the new mommy I made them a great breakfast of fruit chunks, grains, nuts, etc. and they Gobbled it up like there was no tomorrow.

    So, there I was, sitting out in the sunshine this morning, watching my girls eat and go in and out of the coop(I have very supportive girls of the first time layer - one even layed an egg along with the new layer). It was such a brilliantly beautiful morning. I made this observation: just after my hens have laid an egg they emerge from the coop looking slightly ashen. Their comb and wattles are nearly flesh colored rather then pink/red. Like the color has drained out of them. Can't say I blame the poor hen, really. Anyway, anyone else notice this with their hens? By the way, I also noticed(like everyone already knows) that just before they lay their comb and wattles are Really red and slightly plumped. Thus, I ought to be able to tell if there are eggs, and who laid it, by looking at them. I will have to test that out. If that is true, I ought to have 2 more eggs later this afternoon. Maybe only 1, as the other hen was not quite a pink as the other - but close. Sooo - that would be awesome, 4 of 5 laying!!! yay!!!

    Thanks for letting me share my girls triumph at starting to get things going the way they ought. [​IMG]

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