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    I have had many different hens over the course of the past 7 years, but I never once got a soft shelled egg, until now. I have one RIR and one Buff Orpington hen that recently began laying. The BO started laying about 2 weeks ago. Her eggs always have strong shells, but they are still tiny. They are about the size of a bantam egg. Once, I thought she was finally going to start laying regular sized eggs, but it turned out to be a double yolker. [​IMG] The RIR started laying this week, and all of her eggs have had soft shells. The first day she started laying, she layed 2 soft shelled eggs at about 6 P.M. Now I can't even get outside fast enough before the other chickens rip the membrane apart and eat her eggs. They are all eating Layena, and all of the other chickens and ducks have always had very thick shells. I could start giving them oyster shell, if that would help. So my question is, why are the BO's eggs so small, and the RIR's eggs all soft-shelled? I guess it is probably just because they are young, but it still worries me. Thanks ahead of time! [​IMG]

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    They have to have calcium or the shells will be soft. Do you have oyster shell out for them?
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    Pullets often lay 'odd' eggs when they first start laying....over or under sized, double or no yolks etc....their reproductive systems need time to settle down. I suspect that this is all the problem that you have.

    Do make sure they have oyster shell, cuttlefish bone or some other calcium source and add vitamin D (drops from the poultry supplier or infant drops) to enable calcium absorption, then relax. the eggs will eventually 'normaiise'

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