soft shelled eggs...which hen?? Should I worry?


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May 15, 2008
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I have 13 gold comets who started laying the day after they turned 16 weeks. They are now 20 weeks, and I am getting 12 eggs a day regularly. But I am also getting a soft shelled egg two or three times a week, usually while they are roosting for the night.

The girls are laying full size eggs most of the time now, only one egg a day is pullet size, though there is some variation... the soft shelled eggs have always looked full size.

I have been giving them yogurt almost every day, as suggested in another thread, and this week I went several days with no soft egg - thought I had it licked, but yesterday there was one under the roost in the morning.

The chickens have oyster shell grit as well as regular, and they are on layer crumbles, Dumor brand. They also get lots of garden stuff for treats.

Nobody's getting picked on, as far as I can see, all the birds look healthy, active, and content, and I never hear them squabble when I'm outside (which is a lot of the time).

I'm not too worried about losing the egg, I just want to make sure the pullets are all ok. I don't know whether it's the same hen producing the soft eggs, or not. If it is, do I need to worry about her? How on earth would I tell whether it's the same hen or not?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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i dont know...tough problem! will sound dumb..but...could you bring one in at a time..wait a day till they lay..then see which one it'm clueless...
...heres a bump up for ya..Wendy


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Jun 10, 2008
Hmm, sounds like you are covering your bases. I'd be interested in hearing grom someone who knows more.


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I am having a soft shell egg problem as well. My girls are 23 weeks old today. I keep finding 2 at a time. That makes 4 this week. I asked my dad about it today and he seems to think "whoever' it is is just young and will come out of it. I had one egg that had a hard shell but very oblong. Dad said it looks like it was supposed to be two eggs instead of one. I think that the same bird is laying 2 at a time. I gave medicated start and grow until 19 weeks at that time I switched to "flock raiser" and today I switched to Layena. I have been giving oyster shell free choice for about 3 weeks. Maybe the "Layer feed" will make a difference. Good luck:D

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