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    May 16, 2007
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    One of my hens suddenly started laying soft shelled eggs. The first time, the door to the coop had been blown closed, and she laid it on top of the outside of the nest box. I figured she was stressed about not being able to get to the nest and that would account for the soft egg. But she did the same thing the next day, and the door was secured open. Since then, I have twice found remnants of soft shelled eggs on the floor of the coop under the roost. She hasn't laid any normal eggs since the first soft one, and none in the nest. This morning she did get in the nest and try to lay, even though she had already laid a soft egg under the roost last night or early this morning.
    She, along with my other 3 hens, has always had nice, thick shells. I have read about calcium deficiency causing soft shells, but all of a sudden? And only one chicken?
    They eat Layena, occasional kitchen scraps, and have free roam of my backyard for grass, and bugs.
    Any ideas/advice?
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    Maybe you should put out a large pan of oyster shell. Mine get it free choice...all day.It will help harden those shells.
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    May 4, 2007
    A cheap solution is feeding them egg shells. I save the shells from the eggs, crush them up and feed them. They have tons of calcium, and I've never had any problems with soft shells. [​IMG]
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    Have them checked for worms...add a general supplement like aviacharge 200 (purchase online from McMurry...has ALL the BRC requirements in the correct ratios)... vit D is often indicated as deficient in calcium problems ... perhaps a regular dose of Polyvisol (three drops each day for a week for the hen having problems) would help?
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    May 4, 2007
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    Quote:Me too, angie!
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    Chickens will lay eggs for several years. Each year the production is not as good and the quality of the egg shell will not be as good. Oyster shell should be fed as a free-choice supplement. This helps to prevent weak egg shells. It is like a person taking calcium tablets.
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    Is egg shell as good as oyster shell supplement? Not sure why one would choose to buy the oyster shell if egg sheels are just as effective. Not trying to be argumentative... just trying to decide if I'm going to buy oyster shell when I go buy some feed today.

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