Solar Panel Question?


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Jan 25, 2010
Does anyone on here have any good/bad experiences with any certain mini solar panel? I am needing to add one to the coop and want it to be able to handle 2 little spotlights and a heat lamp during the winter months. Also, any suggestions on what type of batteries to use for storage?

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Deep cycle batteries for sure, 6v are best. Really, though, if it's in the winter, what about clouds? There are lots of solar panels out there that claim they'll work well enough on cloudy days, but on the other hand, they don't charge as well. Have you thought about mini hydro? If you have a stream nearby, it's much more reliable.
Sorry but it will take a large EXPENSIVE system -- not just panel(s), but several large deep-cycle batteries and a charge controller -- to run any sort of heat lamp. Unless the coop is like a mile from the house, it would be a lot cheaper to just run electricity out there and be done with it.

If all you want is a light to see by, the solar shed lights they sell at any hardware store will work great.

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