SOLD!!! Brown Egg mix Welsummer X Marans 6+ Eggs


16 Years
Mar 5, 2007
These eggs will come From Black Copper Marans Hens, Cuckoo Marans Hens, Welsummer Roo and 1 BCM hen is running with my free range flock.

Here is a recent pic of what some of eggs will look like

I take pay-pal
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They look nice> I can't do any thing until April 1st because I still have some incubator stuff going. Also Payday isn't until March 31st because we only get paid once a month as a state employee. Wife is a teacher and my disability is still not finished but it is approved. Yea Will you have any the first of the month? Take care and to everyone he has great birds and he packages very well. I have bought eggs several times and they always came on time and they were packaged well. I also had a good hatch rate of almost 65%. I wish I still had the ones I got from Gamebirds because they were very nice. I had to sell my flock due to health reasons but I'm back now. I still see the guy who has the birds I hatched. He only has hens and so his eggs are not fertile. Good luck with the auction and let me know okay. I am cleaning out my other incubator and if I get some other chicks sold I might be able to get some. There is always a way to hatch chicks. Later, Dave:cool:

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