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Hey everyone,

I have chickens but also am a huge reptile enthusiast, I breed a few different species of geckos.
Here are some of this year's babies
I have many for sale and many getting ready to hatch





thanks for looking
I love 'em! I just have one crestie, but if it turns out to be a girl I may look into getting a second girl and maybe eventually a male to breed them with. Mine will be one year old in January. I don't really hold him too much, but he does tolerate being held! He is just too cute though. They don't even seem like lizards to me! They are so easy to take care of too.

How big do your adults get usually? Also, how long do they live? I've gotten different answer from all different breeders. I guess since they are relatively new to the pet trade, it's hard to get an exact answer! LOL You're pretty close to me too, so now I'll know where to go when I want another crestie! How much do you usually sell your little guys for?
We used to have Tokay Geckos...the noisy mean and nasty kinds! But they were so beautiful. They would lay their eggs on the side of the glass of their aquarium which took forever and a day to hatch. I'd love to have a couple of the more docile kind. Like a Day Gecko or a Leopard Gecko.
They are awesome, easy, great first time reptiles.

My adult males usually max out at 40-45 grams, and females at around 40 grams (though I do have some porkers!)

I have only kept cresties for a few years, but I hear they live 15-20 years in captivity. They are the most commonly kept reptile, along with leopard geckos, in the lizard pet trade.

Price depends on the coloration of the baby. I have buckskin normals for 20$, harley's for 45$, extreme harley's for 70$, super dal babies for 65$. Adult's price will be higher.
Let me know if you are ever looking for another one
Chicky Tocks, I know what you mean with tokays, they are evil little things. I know someone on another forum that breeds her own, and all her babies and adults are docile.

But if your looking for docile geckos, definitely check out cresteds and leopards. I hope by spring I will be breeding leopard geckos as well
Thanks for the answers! My guy is probably about five or so inches long. I haven't weighed him (or her, not really sure yet!) but I probably should do that! Your prices are awesome, especially for the different colored ones. I bought my guy for $30 at a reptile show, but he was really little and from someone who didn't really specialize in crested geckos. During the day he's just a tan color with dalmation spots, but at night he turns a bright red with black feet. It's really cool! The other vendors at the reptile show were selling the same colored babies (but maybe a little bit bigger) for $130+. Adults were nearly $200!

Here's a couple older pictures of my Marcus! He's a little longer now and a bit more pudgy! The guy I got him from was feeding only crickets and I don't think it was very good for him. He fattened right up on the gecko diet.




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