Some one needs to do it! Who's with me? Standing up for the Earth!

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I just needed to Rant...It seems like every one is just brushing this off. The news downsizes it. The government acts like it's not a big deal. They have experts? on TV saying it will dissipate as it washes up on shore. Are they crazy? It's oil, it doesn't dissipate like water.There not showing you the big picture on TV.The ecological food chain has seen the beginning of it's end. This is the largest ecological disaster that man has ever created. It's time we let other governments take over. This disaster is going to become global. They need to plug that dam hole,& start some major clean up efforts. 1/2 the US is unemployed, Obama needs to hire those people to start fighting this spill(give them health insurance if he wants).Supply them with transportation & the proper equipment regardless of the cost. He can send the bill to BP.They are responsible.BP is the worst ecological terrorist the world has seen. Saddam's oil fires are nothing compared to this!..WE THE PEOPLE need to speak up & let our government know were not happy with their efforts. This has been going of for months. Getting off our behinds & doing something now is our only hope for a future. If there is still hope......Peace!
I agree this has gone on WAY too long. The issue I have with boycotting BP is that many, many Americans work at Arco gas stations, and boycotting them could lead to MORE unemployment. And that is certainly NOT needed.

I do agree that BP needs quit screwing around and call Haliburton. NOW.
I agree it's a horrible disaster that probably won't ever be 100% recovered from.

We have the capability in this country to produce a fuel source that doesn't require drilling either on land or under the oceans. It is a source that can be renewed every year. No American soldier will ever have to die defending another country because we depend on them for oil. What is it? It's ethanol. We American farmers can grow corn and milo to supply a very large amount of fuel, but without support from people that this is something they want big oil companies will continue to squash any efforts to do this. Ethanol tried to take off a couple of years ago and many plants were built. Now many of them set empty because people did not support it. Our government needs to support us and quit listening to the big oil company lobby.
Yeah, this whole finger-pointing crap has to end. Gov needs to get off their butts and fix it, instead of just "visiting the area". I don't want to hear whose fault it is, or whose responsibility it is to fix it until after it's fixed. If they want to turn around afterwards and charge BP for the clean-up, great, go right ahead. But sitting there, "investigating" is a load of crap. Darn gov should be good for something besides stump speeches.
Ethanol was a great idea. The only problem with it was, when they added it to gas to lower the price at the pump, food prices shot up. We are gonna lose a major food source as it is, if we can no longer fish in the oceans. I think your gonna see more people consuming grains both to raise animals & for human consumption in the next year. That will cause the price of grain to go up. Then it's no longer cost efficient to use as fuel. It's a vicious cycle. At this point we'd all be better off running our cars on coal, than having millions of gallons of oil spilling into the ocean.
what really disgusts me is that the most advanced technology to deal with oil spills is not legally allowed to be used in US waters.

There are oil skimmer boats that can separate most of the oil floating on the surface but it will release about 20% of the oil back into the water (which I can get later as it does it's work). The problem is the US has laws or regulations that does not allow for an solution to release more than 5% (don't quote me on that number - it's from memory listening to NPR) of oil back into the water.

So instead of getting rid of 80% they are leaving 100% behind! Geniuses at work here...
The food prices shooting up for corn is due to government stupidity. Did you know that farmers are paid by the government to NOT grow crops? They do that to keep the prices from dropping to the point where big farming corporations can't make a profit! Obviously it helps small farms too, but I think we all know who lobbyists work for...

Only about 5% of corn grown in the US is for human consumption. The rest is used for industrial purposes e.g. making ethanol or feeding livestock. I once read an article that said that if the entire US switched over to vegetarian diets, the farms could easily feed everyone in the US with plenty to spare (there's about a 90% loss of energy for each step in the food chain. We only get about 1% of the energy that plants get from the sun when we eat meat, but would get 10% if we ate vegetables instead). Everyone doesn't need to go vegetarian to make a huge difference - just reducing meat consumption by half would increase the available food supply drastically.

The biggest problem with ethanol as a fuel is that it will corrode gas pumps much faster than gasoline. (85% ethanol "flex" fuel that some cars use require different gas pumps than regular gasoline). The cost of changing the infrastructure to support ethanol cars would be in the billions.

My biggest problem with ethanol as a fuel is that corn is a very inefficient crop. It strips away nitrogen from the soil very quickly and provides less food per acre than other crops. Fortunately soy beans have plenty of food and industrial uses so farmers can simply plant soy beans in corn plots once every few years to replenish the nitrogen without relying on chemical fertilizers (soy beans have a symbiotic relationship with bacteria that can convert nitrogen in the air with a form that is bio-available to all other life). Corn is used for ethanol production because it is very cheap to make ethanol from it. Until the process of making ethanol with more efficient crops becomes cheaper, ethanol as a fuel will be cost prohibitive without heavy government funding.
Amen to that!!
The whole situation is way out of control! And why haven't they stopped the leak already?
with our technology, they should have an answer, don't you think? Now hurricane season is here, and if we get any kind of storm, do you realize the impact it will have? What morons, huh?! Like its not bad enough already!!!
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