Some questions before I can start to create an own Breeder - please help me!


6 Years
Apr 30, 2013

First: I'm sorry for my bad english, I learned just british english in scool, thats 10 years ago.
I try to give my best to write correct and try to understand you.
Please use simple words!

Okay, here my Questions:

1) What Light bulb I need and what does the Watt-number mean? (100W,150W)

2) How I find out, how many Watt do I need for my breeder?

3) How I control the temperature with the light? What's if it's to cold or to hot?

4) How I control the air humidity? How I know, how many water I have to put into the breeder?

First, thats all of my questions, I hope, you can help me!

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